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Entegrity Networks is a company dedicated to designing, supplying, installing and supporting Information Technology Solutions for small and medium size businesses

Handling the issues that are important to you is one of our greatest strengths. But we don't stop there. Surveying your network is where we are able to point out areas for improvement that you may not have seen before.

We realize that your time is important, that is why we have expanded our range of services to help reduce support times. We provide instant support through our collection of remote support and tracking tools, while our support professionals are continually updated on technologies that are targeted as the small business market.  

Or better spoken, Who We Are Not: We are not a company that takes our clients needs lightly. Our sincere philosophy is to treat your network as if it were our become a part of your team, as it were. We want your network to run as smoothly as possible but we understand that sometimes cost constraints can hold you back on critical projects. In cases such as these, we do what any good administrator would do and that is work within your means. Prioritizing the most critical of projects but at the same time, shooting from the hip when changes must be made for your network safety and Entegrity.

Entegrity Support professionals have years of support experience in the small business area. 



Richard L. Davis
Principal Consultant

It has been said many times that employees are the most valued asset in a business.  I wholeheartedly agree with that statement and think that is even more relevant in a small business where there are fewer employees that must perform varied task to ensure the business succeeds.  Our goal is to provide you with the most effective solution to provide your most valued assets the greatest opportunity to succeed. about us      services      solutions      partners      support      contacts     ZeCare 
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