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Are you moving locations? 

Is your business expanding?  

There are some business critical questions to ask, and time sensitive decisions to make that most small business are completely uninformed of.  Some of these questions are not even computer related in nature.  We have included a small sampling of important questions below.  

  • Do you know the recommend lead times for requesting your phone and Internet service at the new location? 
  • Have you considered what network infrastructure that you need in-place before you physically move your computer systems? 
  • Are you going to have more than one location?
  • Is your software designed to work in your new business model?
  • Will you house your servers at your new location?
  • What's involved in moving the servers?
  • What are the building requirements for the move?
  • Are the people performing the move licensed and insured and have the appropriate information on file with the old and new move locations?

We have successfully planned and executed seamless moves for small businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.  Let us manage the pitfalls and hidden problems of moving your IT systems. 


Connecting your network to the Internet is the biggest but necessary risk a company can take these days. Unless the proper precautions and infrastructure are in place you could be opening yourself up for potential data theft, or be found in non-compliance with HIPPA or Financial Institution standards.  These can result in fines, refusals to do business, or lawsuits.   Firewalls are just one part of a layered security system that should be implemented to thwart potential security vulnerabilities. Let us help by performing a complete security audit of your network. Once the vulnerabilities are identified we can help establish a plan to address them.  By implementing industry standard security practices you can demonstrate that you have performed you due diligence to protect your and your customers data.  



Our Complete Managed Services solution provides a level of service and support that was previously unobtainable by small business.  Utilizing over 20 years of experience and the best of class solutions we have developed a team that takes over the day-to-day maintenance, monitoring, security and data protection of your entire computer network.   

Entegrity Networks provides a complete solution

         24x7x365 Automated Systems Monitoring

         A world class Network Operations Center

         Industry Leading Backup Solution


Our daily mantra is to protect client data. And not just to backup your data but to ensure it is available when you need it most. Daily, hourly, or even instant backups are the single most important function to ensure the viability of your business in the future. Without them, costly downtime can result from drive failures and even accidental deletions by users. We pride ourselves in implementing and maintaining reliable and stable backup procedures for your business.  Let us automatically backup your critical data to our secure data facility. 

There are many considerations to account for when planning a network from the ground up or even a migration to a different environment. We can help you plan for those unforeseen caveats by creating in-depth project plans that detail points of concern. After we have assessed the environment and created the proper project plan, our team can assist with all levels of implementation in order to ensure the project is a success. And what implementation would be complete without detailed documentation? We can document the environment to help with any questions down the road.  
Collocation Services

Complete Managed Services


Software and Hardware Upgrades

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