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eCare for Servers


eCare for servers is a comprehensive managed services offering for Windows based servers.  The offering consists of three distinct parts:

RMM - Remote Monitoring Management tools

NOC - a manned 24x7x365 network operations center

These offerings are combined to provide you with the most effective server monitoring and support solution available for only $199 per server per month*. 

Detailed explanations and features of each system incorporated in our total server care solution are listed on this page.  With software monitoring all of your critical server functions, backup software protecting your critical data, and a team of trained support technicians monitoring and providing 24x7x365 support for your systems your computers will perform at the peak efficiency and provide you with a stable work environment.  



General Features included with RMM

Agent Technology -The Windows and Mac agents leave a small footprint and operate behind the scenes. Lightweight agent technology makes managing and monitoring hundreds or thousands of systems easy. No on-site management device is required. No additional hardware or bandwidth costs are incurred. Preventative maintenance tasks run in low priority mode and maintenance jobs can be scheduled after hours.

Asset & Inventory - On-demand access to hardware and software inventory and asset change reports is available. Download all asset and inventory data and then design custom reports. No matter how many physical or virtual locks are placed on computer hardware or software, viruses, spyware, and users will find a way to surpass protection systems. You need to know what software is out there, installed intentionally or unintentionally, and what are their current hardware specifications.

Executive Reports -
Monthly high-level site overview reports provide network health scoring.  Monthly executive reports provide different reporting options depending on C-Level relationship. Our high-level report includes a network score based on common network metrics for the month. Our detailed report breaks down every system at the site for the month.

Patch Management -
Configure, deploy and view all Microsoft patches. Automatically scan and deploy Microsoft Security patches. Nearly the foundation of the IT Industry, or at least the cause of many service opportunities, Microsoft patching has become a critical and time-consuming task. While automatic updates simplify patch deployment, patches are not always reliable. We provide white-listing patch services, automatic Microsoft Security Patch deployment, Schedule any Microsoft patch, service patch or software update through the portals Patch deployment or job deployment engines, weekly patch assessments and reporting, and provide Patch Doctor Software to automatically troubleshoot failed patches.

Remote Control -
Take remote control of your servers, desktops and laptops directly from our Portal with our integrated and secure remote connection tool. Available in the Entegrity Portal, technicians can seamlessly connect to desktops and servers. Additionally, remote connections are available through the Client Portal for you to access your systems from anywhere.  Entegrity includes remote control software with each agent license. Single click and take remote control from the hosted management portal.

Anti-Virus Software - Endpoint security is no longer an optional add-on in today's IT ecosystem. That’s why VIPRE Enterprise Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware is included with each desktop license. While virus threats get a lot of media attention, spyware can be just as destructive – and can take even longer for support technicians to resolve. Entegrity has partnered with Solarwinds to proved all managment and support through a single proven support interface.

Client Portal -
Provide you with access to system overviews of your servers. The information in the Client Portal is always up-to-date. Additionally, you are able to communicate remotely to your server or desktops from the Client Portal.

Anti-Virus Management - Scheduled anti-virus installation checks and definition updates for over 40 anti-virus applications are available. Our agents ensure that antivirus software is properly installed and verify that the latest antivirus definition files have been updated and applied. 




RMM – Remote Monitoring Manager



Over 2000 server monitors are automatically applied to your servers based on their configuration. Filtering hundreds of server alerts, researching issues, troubleshooting and fixing problems can be daunting. However, server downtime has a high associated cost, especially when an organization’s productivity is affected. Intelli-Monitoring can relieve the pressure.


·    Receive phone call and email notifications when critical alerts occur

·    Create custom application, performance, or event log monitors

·    IntelliMonitors require no custom configuration

·    Server metrics find “specific” not “general” problems

·    Best Practice Resolutions provided for each IntelliMonitor


Notification Management


Custom configure email notifications based on alert family and time of day. Choose to receive notifications immediately as alerts are created or after the alert has been analyzed by Entegrity.


·         24x7 phone calls for critical alert families

·         24x7 email notification for any alert

·         Alert grouping and classification


Device Monitoring


Setup monitoring for SNMP network devices: Printers, UPS’, Firewalls, and Routers. Simplify network device management through a single Management Portal interface. Provided at no additional charge from any Server installation, network device monitoring includes device availability checks and reporting statistics. This is a cost-efficient, value-add for nearly any client network.


·    Device availability monitored by Data Center

·    SNMP network devices have seven additional monitors applied

·    Compatible with most SNMP printers and UPS’

·    Advanced reporting for select Cisco and HP network devices

·    Can accommodate up to 50 devices per installed server software

Exchange Transaction Monitoring


Enhance your email monitoring by opting into Entegrity’s Exchange Email Transaction Monitoring. Additionally, the RMM software will send, on your configured schedule, emails to your Exchange Email Servers. The email's round trip is then analyzed by our software for specific transaction alerts.


·    Ensures that exchange email servers are correctly processing emails

·    Round trip analytics identify and track slow email processing



NOC – Network Operations Center


We employ a managed services partner that gives us access to over 600 support technicians world-wide.  We pull from this vast pool of knowledge and support at any point necessary to provide support for your systems, and can assign them daily, weekly, monthly, or ad-hoc support request that allows us to provide enterprise level support for our small business clients.   Our NOC Services teams work around the clock to ensure your network not only remains healthy but also optimized for performance. Local engineers manage all NOC activity through our automated support system.  A team of support technicians are available so we can escalate performance issue directly to the most qualified division of our NOC team.  We also utilize our NOC Services team to provide assistance with analyzing memory dumps, correcting performance issues and modifying operating system or application configurations to ensure your infrastructure remains healthy. 



We implement a layered backup strategy to protect our clients data.  Almost all of our cleints have migrated to virtual servers working on Hyper-V platforms.  We utilize every data protection solution at hand to ensure data protection, becaseu when it comes down too it that is the primary job of any IT department.  Protect the data.  Our backups solutions are monitored and support tickets are automatically generated whenever any part of the backup solution has an issue. 

All backup solutions are completely automated. In fact, you may even forget it’s working. Most businesses put their lives on the line every night and don't realize it. With businesses depending more and more on the data stored in their computers, proper backups are critical to any modern company. 

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